Pu Lab Publications 2013

  • Zhang, B., Day, D.S., Ho, J.W., Song, L., Cao, J., Christodoulou, D., Seidman, J.G., Crawford, G.E., Park, P.J., and Pu, W.T. 2013. A dynamic H3K27ac signature identifies VEGFA-stimulated endothelial enhancers and requires EP300 activity. Genome Res 23:917-927. PDF
  • Zhou, P., Zhang, Y., Ma, Q., Gu, F., Day, D.S., He, A., Zhou, B., Li, J., Stevens, S.M., Romo, D., and Pu, W.T. 2013. Interrogating translational efficiency and lineage-specific transcriptomes using ribosome affinity purification. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. epub. PDF SI Datasets
  • Zangi, L., Lui, K. O., von Gise, A., Ma, Q., Ebina, W., Ptaszek, L. M., Später, D., Xu, H., Tabebordbar, M., Gorbatov, R., Sena, B., Nahrendorf, M., Briscoe, D. M., Li, R. A., Wagers, A. J., Rossi, D. J., Pu, W. T.* & Chien, K. R.* Modified mRNA directs the fate of heart progenitor cells and induces vascular regeneration after myocardial infarction. Nat Biotechnol 31, 898-907 (2013). *co-corresponding. PDF
2013 Reviews/Editorials
  • Zhang, B. & Pu, W. T. The mysterious origins of coronary vessels. Cell Res (2013). PDF.
  • Stevens, S.M. & Pu, W.T. HCN charges up the first heart field. Circ Res (2013). Journal Link. PDF.
  • Christoffels, V. M. & Pu, W. T. Developing insights into cardiac regeneration. Development 140, 3933-3937 (2013). PDF

Collaborative Work
  • Chen J, Huang ZP, Seok H, Ding J, Kataoka M, Zhang Z, Hu X, Wang G, Lin Z, Wang S, Pu WT, Liao R, Wang DZ. mir-17-92 Cluster is Required for and Sufficient to Induce Cardiomyocyte Proliferation in Postnatal and Adult Hearts. Circ. Res. 2013 Apr 10.
  • Sah, R., Mesirca, P., Mason, X., Gibson, W., Bates-Withers, C., Van den Boogert, M., Chaudhuri, D., Pu, W. T., Mangoni, M. E. & Clapham, D. E. Timing of myocardial trpm7 deletion during cardiogenesis variably disrupts adult ventricular function, conduction, and repolarization. Circulation 128, 101-114 (2013).
  • Zou, L., Luo, Y., Chen, M., Wang, G., Ding, M., Petersen, C.C., Kang, R., Dagnaes-Hansen, F., Zeng, Y., Lv, N., Ma, Q., Le, D.Q., Besenbacher, F., Bolund, L., Jensen, T.G., Kjems, J., Pu, W.T., and Bünger, C. 2013. A simple method for deriving functional MSCs and applied for osteogenesis in 3D scaffolds. Sci Rep 3:2243.
  • Bandiera, R., Vidal, V. P., Motamedi, F. J., Clarkson, M., Sahut-Barnola, I., von Gise, A., Pu, W. T., Hohenstein, P., Martinez, A. & Schedl, A. WT1 Maintains Adrenal-Gonadal Primordium Identity and Marks a Population of AGP-like Progenitors within the Adrenal Gland. Dev Cell 27, 5-18 (2013).