Pulab Software

Website for annotation and motif analysis of ChIP-seq data
Software package can be downloaded from the CvDC website

ImageJ/Fiji macro to batch convert Olympus Oib files to TIFF files

Next Gen Sequencing Scripts
Perl scripts for analysis of Next Gen Sequencing

Signal averaging
Program will signal average time phased data such as EKGs. Requires a PC and the windows .net framework (free).

Order Database
Filemaker database to place and store lab orders. Tracks standing POs as well. Runs best on macs.

Mouse Database
Filemaker database to manage a mouse colony. Tracks mice and litters. Includes event reminder system. Runs best on macs.

Pokemon Database
For a little diversion. This database allows one to copy images of pokemon cards from the internet, assemble them into decks, and then print the decks to play games without having to buy lots of cards.

David’s Software
Software written by David Pu